Entrepreneurial Corporation- The Future of Business

At unique times throughout history the convergence of just the right mix of influence and discord ignite a revolution. As it was in the late 18th century in North America with the social, political and intellectual influences of early American society it took a revolution to create a new nation based on the principles of freedom and democracy. Modern corporations are structured more like the monarchy of England at the time than the United States of America.

Modern corporations are based on an antiquated top down, command and control structure. And although they are amazingly efficient they are not living up to the expectations of the majority of people who work for them. According to a 2006 Gallup Management Journal survey of U.S. workers they found that only 29% of workers were engaged and the 15% of workers that were disengaged cost the U.S. economy about $328 billion annually. They also reported that engaged workers have a better quality home life.

Today we have social, political, economical and transformational turmoil. Sounds like the right ingredients for a revolution. And it has started, there are organizational models that promote purpose led and decentralized corporate structures. The potential to democratize the modern corporation is underway. For example WorldBlu promotes a Democratic Design based on 10 principles of freedom. The founder Traci Fenton has a vision of one billion people working in democratic workplaces. Some companies that have been certified by her organization are DaVita, Zappos, Groupon, Namaste Solar and New Belgium Brewing Company.

Interestingly enough most of the largest and most dominate corporations today started off as entrepreneurial startups. We feel throughout their growth they lost their entrepreneurial spirit.

What if these companies had created a constitution to protect their entrepreneurial beginnings to ensure they acted for the benefit of the many not the elite few? What if these corporations were living up to their full potential as entrepreneurial corporations? What would it take to create a new form of corporation…a revolution?

Yes and it has started and it is time to join the E-Corp revolution. A new organizational structure that is transparent, decentralized, stakeholder-focused, purpose led, constitutionally operated, entrepreneurial, agile, authentic, innovative, individual centric and committed to the self-actualization of each and every team member.

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1 comment to Entrepreneurial Corporation- The Future of Business

  • Well said Brian! The movement is well underway. Your vision and the group you have gathered are explorers in this new world. We are taking our skills, our passion and our experience into new territory. We want to connect, to synergize and to deliver values along with profits. All ventures need a foundation from which to build. E-Corp is a way of being in sync with the current needs of our civilization.

    As an early adopter I am keenly aware of the evidence for this movement. For those of us who are willing to be a part of and grow with the momentum, the time is now!

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